Chris Hutcheson presents

The Garden of Earthy Delights

Current Prints

Work that is currently in the limited edition print series. Most are limited to 10 copies.

Gentry de Paris

Montreal Burlesque Festival 2010

Elle Diablo

Montreal Burlesque Festival 2011

Miss PussyKatt

Schlapentickle Revuei 2010

Lady Bona

Outlaw Strippers Ball, 2012

Tiffany Carter

Girlesque 7, 2012

Miss La Muse

Atlas Obscura 2012, Toronto

Dolly Berlin

X-Men vs. Gotham City, 2012

Koston Kreme #2

Cadillac Lounge 2012

Chris Mysterion

Comedy Club, 2012

Imogen Kelly, Reigning Queen of Burlesque

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