Chris Hutcheson presents

The Garden of Earthy Delights

About the Garden

The Garden of Earthy Delights is an ongoing project - a series of images of local and international burlesque artists, wrestlers and small stage performers in Toronto, Montréal and Detroit (so far.)

I’m a Toronto-based fine art and event photographer. I’ve been making pictures most of my life, and began exhibiting my work in 2005. Back then most of my work was landscape – rural and urban. I think of the places I photograph as being at rest - nearing the end of their lives, or in a period of temporary, maybe seasonal inactivity.

 Times have changed. Since 2010 I’ve been spending more time photographing performers – dance, jazz, classical, opera, and burlesque, mostly. I've shot professionally for the Canadian Opera Company, Literary Review of Canada, Ontario Arts Council, and Benchmark consulting, among others. 

In my performance work, I'm particularly captivated by the artistry performers bring to their work as well as the energy that shines through when they're completely immersed in their performances.